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01/12/21 Roundup - What did the analyst say after finishing Squid Game?

What did the analyst say after finishing Squid Game?
…I can’t wait for the SQL :skull:

:drum: Product updates

We’ve shipped so many features in the last two weeks it’s hard to choose a highlight, buuuut…

Embed Loom videos on dashboards

From Tom Hallet

I would love if the markdown tiles had support for loom embeds. While everyone loves writing text documentation, many people will never read it. But many will watch a 2 minute loom video

We got you Tom! You can now embed Loom videos on your dashboards. Educating your end users has never been easier. Head to the demo to see them in action.


Dashboards v2

Dashboards have had an overhaul with a tonne of quality of life improvements such as:

  • A dedicated view mode, no more accidental changes
  • Add new charts to a dashboard directly from the chart builder
  • Add text to your dashboards with markdown tiles

Auto-generate time dimensions

Another hotly requested feature from the community: your data consumers can now group metrics by year, month, date, … without needing help from an analyst. More time for those sweet regression analyses :nerd_face:

:revolving_hearts: Get involved

Don’t watch from the sidelines, help us build the future of BI. We’ve got something for everybody:

:pancakes: The complete, open-source, data stack

Don’t miss it, Katie is going to be giving a complete end-to-end tutorial of setting up your own modern data stack. And the kicker? It’s built entirely using free, and open-source tools. Absolutely essential.

Reserve a spot now!

Much love from the Lightdash Team. :heart: