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02/07/21 Roundup - A SQL Query walks into a bar

2/07/2021 Roundup - New features around data lineage, support for GCP for production deployment and more!

Continued: A SQL query walks into a bar, walks up to two tables and asks “Can I join you?”

Latest Product Updates :zap:

The theme for the last 2 weeks has been focused on bringing a lot more context and visibility to the data you’re using in Lightdash, with a bunch of features showing data lineage and how tables are joined together!

We’ve also made it easier to deploy Lightdash to production - read on for more!

Show lineage of tables in Lightdash

You can now see the lineage of all your tables in Lightdash. Select “show lineage” on any table and you’ll be shown a dependency graph of upstream and downstream tables. You can view the entire graph or filter it to only direct dependencies!

See the source .yml file of any field

When you click on an individual field or metric, you can now see its source dbt .yml file directly in Lightdash. You can also copy the file path if you want to open it in your own editor.

Show SQL logic for table joins

When tables are joined together in Lightdash, you can now see the SQL logic used to join these tables by clicking the join icon next to the table.

Smaller but still exciting product updates:

  • We added steps on how to deploy Lightdash to production with Cloud Run in Google Cloud Platform: Details here
  • Much more friendly errors when dimensions and metrics are compiled on “dbt refresh”
  • We now show you what version of Lightdash you’re running and if an update is available
  • A bunch of bugs and smaller UI tweaks - if you’re interested in getting more into the weeds - check out our releases!

New blog post!

Why we’re building on dbt

We wrote a blog post on why we’re betting on dbt and why it’s such a great tool for Lightdash to be synced with!

Join the community!

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That’s all folks!

Thanks for checking out this week’s Roundup. Let us know if you have any questions or comments :heart:

Hamzah and the Lightdash team!