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11/08/21 Roundup - What's an analyst's favourite sandwich?

What’s an analyst’s favourite sandwich?
…an ELT :sandwich:

In the news

Latest product updates

Here are just 3 of the most popular features we’ve released in the last 2 weeks:

:cake: Self-host Lightdash in 2 minutes

Getting started with Lightdash is now a piece of cake. You create your own private instance of Lightdash, synced to your dbt Cloud account with just 1-click. It’s Lightdash on your infrastructure with no effort. Have your cake and eat it.

Check out the new tutorial to get started:

Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 11.31.57

:floppy_disk: Save charts and share them with your team

Once you’ve crafted the perfect metric and visualisation, you can now save it and share it with your team.

Naming stuff is hard!!! We had a lot of fun working with you (the community) to come up with the best name for a saved chart. ‘Saved query’ came out on top for technical folks but ‘Saved chart’ was voted the most accessible terminology across the whole org.

Want to join in the shenanigans? It’s all happening over in the #tools-lightdash channel in dbt’s slack space:

:lock: Secure Lightdash deployments with email + password

You can now secure your Lightdash app with an email and password. The first time you sign up for Lightdash you’ll be asked to create a user and organisation.

In the next week we’ll be launching plenty of new features to manage your organisation (e.g. inviting your team mates to join you in Lightdash).

We’re hiring - build the future of BI

We have a bunch of open positions right now to join us on our mission to build the future of business intelligence on top of the modern data stack. We value being a small, high-performing team and operate 100% remote. If that gets you excited, we’d love to hear from you.

Open roles:

You made it to the end! You are truly our biggest fan :heart:

Oliver and the Lightdash team.