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14/12/2021 Roundup - To the person who invented zero

To the person who invented zero
… Thanks for nothing

:drum: Product updates

:zap: Lightdash now supports dbt metrics!

dbt announced version 1.0.0 including native support for Lightdash metrics! This is a huge first step towards a future powered by the metrics layer and our integration with dbt is the first of it’s kind. Much more to come…

In the meantime, you can write your first metric:

So how does it work?

  • Upgrade to dbt 1.0.0 :rocket:
  • Write metrics in your dbt project using dbt’s new metrics: tag :technologist:
  • Start visualising your metrics :chart_with_upwards_trend:

It’s as easy as that. Checkout the quick demo to learn more.


:houses: Home page

The explore page was a bit overwhelming to some users and wasn’t obvious to new users where to find the answers to their questions.

With the new home page, users have easy access to existing questions & answers. :raised_hands:

:pancakes: The complete, open-source, data stack

Katie gave a complete end-to-end tutorial of setting up your own modern data stack. And the kicker? It’s built entirely using free, and open-source tools. Absolutely essential.

You can still watch the talk on youtube!
Twitter post - 3

:revolving_hearts: Get involved

Don’t watch from the sidelines, help us build the future of BI. We’ve got something for everybody:

Much love from the Lightdash Team. :heart: