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15/06/21 Roundup - What did fruit loops say when launching their product to compete with cheerios? 🤔

Toucan play that game

What’s a Roundup? :thinking:

Hello hello!

It’s the very first Roundup (woo!) and we’re excited about all of the things we have to share :slight_smile:

So let’s start this one right and answer the question on everyone’s mind: “What’s this Roundup thing you’re talking about?”

Basically, Roundups are a bi-weekly update where we get to share what we’ve been up to and what we’re excited about at Lightdash :partying_face:

So every other Tuesday, we’ll post a new Roundup that you can find in the “Roundups” category.

If you’re more of an email kind of person, then you can sign up to our Newsletter (sign up is at the bottom of the page) and we’ll send you an email with a summary of the Roundup and a link to the post each time it comes out.

So now that the scene is set, let’s get into some exciting updates!

We released the first public version of Lightdash :cloud_with_lightning:

About two weeks ago, we decided that it was time to dip our toes in that sweet launch water and shared a public version of Lightdash on Show HN. We felt like we didn’t want a full-blown launch just yet, so we picked a channel that we thought would get a bit of action, but nothing too crazy.

Then…it got shared by Claire at dbt (thank you! :heart: ), made it into Tristan’s Data Science Roundup, and started popping up in the dbt community Slack :grin:.

We definitely weren’t expecting this amount of buzz, and when we talked about it after, we all said the same thing in different ways:

We were most excited about the fact that the community of people we were building this tool for were the people that were stoked about it.

So ya, our “small” launch was great, but we still have a lot of room to grow and want to keep everyone super excited about what we’re building!

We launched our community forum :dancing_men:

We set up Discourse early last week and have been thinking a lot about how we want to keep folks involved in building a community and a product that helps everyone answer their data questions.

I actually thought so much about it, that I wrote a little blog post about why we want to build a community that you can check out here.

We’re planning to use Discourse as the primary tool to talk to our users/community and GitHub as the primary tool to plan our work/build the product. But, we’re keepin’ it hip and trendy, so we also have a Twitter account that you can follow. So follow us, star us, tweet at us - we’d love to hear from you :slight_smile:

That’s all folks!

Thanks for checking out this week’s Roundup. Let us know if you have any questions or comments in the thread :heart: