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19/10/21 Roundup - The best thing about a Boolean is that even if you are wrong

… you are only off by a bit.

Latest Product Updates

:computer: Faster install and onboarding

Check out this video, where we walk through the install script and the new onboarding forms!

Lightdash - install script + new onboarding - Watch Video

:pushpin: More filters

We can now filter by boolean dimensions and filter string dimensions by ‘does not include’.

:bug: Bug hunting

We spent a significant amount of time in the last weeks tackling bugs. Remember that you can see the entire list of changes and fixes in our change log.

:star2: Dashboards coming soon!

We already completed over 50% of the tasks for phase 1! :star_struck: You can check the progress in our GitHub milestone
Join the discussion on what is the ideal dashboard in our notion page :mega:

News & Other Updates

:video_camera: Meltano Demo Day

Sweet demo from Derek Visch (AutoIDM) on a full ELT + Viz to download Trello data and visualise it in Lightdash.

Meltano Demo Day - Derek Visch - Watch Video

We’re hiring - build the future of BI

We have a bunch of open positions right now to join us on our mission to build the future of business intelligence on top of the modern data stack. We value being a small, high-performing team and operate 100% remote. If that gets you excited, we’d love to hear from you.

Open roles:

You made it to the end! You are truly our biggest fan and we appreciate you.

Jose and the Lightdash team :heart:

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