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19/11/21 Roundup - Did you hear the one about the statistician?

Did you hear the one about the statistician?
Probably… :drum:

:bullettrain_side: Latest product updates

:woman_mage: Pre-built metrics to get you started

We’ve made it even easier to get started with Lightdash. We now provide example metrics for tables where you haven’t got any defined yet. For now we’ve stuck to simple examples to help you get started, but watch this space, we’ve got big plans for this feature! :sunflower:

:white_check_mark: Only show the tables you want to work with (1)

You can now pick which dbt models you want to show in Lightdash. So you can ensure your team is only using the relevant tables and models and nothing else! You can choose to filter by tags or individually select the models you want.

:running_woman: Run SQL queries in Lightdash

You can now run raw SQL queries using our SQL Runner and visualise the results as a table in Lightdash! This one is for the SQL connoisseurs, you can now write and run your own queries right in Lightdash. And yes, we included autocomplete so you don’t have to remember every table and column name :sweat_smile:.

Other notable updates:

  • Charts can now be exported as an eCharts JSON
  • Added support for Databricks
  • Loads of bugs crushed and UX improvements

As always, you can get the full story on changes we’ve made to Lightdash in our Changelog.

:newspaper: What we’re writing and reading

  • Amy Chen from dbt Labs and Katie went to the OSA Conference and talked about the ways that open source drives innovation using a case study with dbt + Lightdash . The video from that talk is now available online.
  • We published a short piece on “The Lightdash Way” that explains some of our core beliefs when it comes to building Lightdash.
  • Monzo’s Head of Data Science, Mikkel, wrote a great article on “moldy data” and how it can affect data teams, we enjoyed this a lot!

We’re hiring - build the future of BI

We have a bunch of open engineering positions right now to join us on our mission to help everyone answer their data questions (a small feat, we know). We’re also offering a hefty referral bonus if you know anyone who would be a good fit!

We’re looking for people who:

  • think about their users
  • are comfortable working autonomously but love being a part of a team
  • are up for getting involved wherever they’re needed most.

100% remote and we’re open to all levels and abilities

:eyes: Here’s our job board

If this sounds interesting to you or you know someone who would be a good fit, give us a shout!

You made it to the end! You are truly our biggest fan :heart:

Hamzah and the Lightdash team