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Hi! :wave:

If you’re new to the Lightdash community, welcome :blush:

I’m Katie, one of the cofounders of Lightdash. Feel free to send me a message if there’s anything I can help you with!

Here’s a little bit about me:

I’m from Canada, but right now, I’m living out my best work-life balance in the mountains of Chamonix.

I love everything product data, a good dad joke, and I’m a sucker for amazing data visualizations (my favourite book is Information is Beautiful - yes, I’m that predictable).

Now it’s your turn :slight_smile: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you’re into.

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Hi, I am Fabrice, a French software data engineer, currently lead dev at maif-vie, a life insurance company based in Niort (west coast, cannot see Mont Blanc mountain from my office…). I have been using dbt since early 2018 (there were no sources yet), and really glad to see a whole ecosystem rising around dbt schema annotations. Thank you for providing us with lightdash, you are standing on giant’s shoulders !
And I am also trying to maintain the dbt adapter for dremio.


Hey everyone,

@fabrice.etanchaud welcome to you especially. Great to have a dbt veteran here.

I’m Oliver, one of the cofounders of Lightdash. I live out in rural Oxfordshire in the UK after retreating from London. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, it’s about as close as you get to The Shire.

If you raise an issue on GitHub, you’re likely to hear from me first!

I was once a physicist (after a PhD in magnetism I still don’t know how magnets work) then a data scientist and now a little bit of everything. That’s one thing I love about working on Lightdash, it crosses over so many technical domains and that makes it a lot of fun to work on!

Great to meet you, Oliver !
It’s a small world. I had a master of Mathematics in a past life…
I can understand why we both love dbt : dbt is like a theory perfectly matching reality, at the right level of abstraction.
Glad to meet you !

Nice to meet you, Fabrice :wave:

Early 2018, wow! I wonder if they actually have user numbers for dbt…I feel like you’d be in the first few hundred for sure.

I was actually in the West last week! (a bit more south though - off surfing in Moliets et Maa). I think it was the first time I’ve seen the horizon since I moved to France :sweat_smile: definitely a bit more flat than the Mont Blanc massif.

Excited to have you in the community. :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Scott here :wave:
I’m a full data stack architect / engineer / analyst. Generally a flex pick on a data team or a data team of 1! I’m currently unemployed due to an unfortunate situation and while doing some analytics searching, came across this project! Really excited for the potential because so far it seems like Looker has no plans to better support dbt modeled sources (which is a shame!) but kudos to you guys for taking on the challenge of building it and even better!

Between the Tableau and Looker acquisitions as well as the launch of, it certainly validates the need for highly interoperable pieces of the data stack with open source cores! I’m a big fan of Airbyte and similar projects right now working on that other end of the data stack.

More about me here:

I’m a fairly active user of the [dbt] tag on stackoverflow but look forward to contributing more materially where I can during this gap & job search.