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Lightdash UI not starting in Docker

We use DBT on a number of data engineering projects and when I found Lightdash, I was instantly intrigued. I am starting with the demo project in docker, and I was able to follow the steps laid out in the docs, but for some reason I keep getting the error lightdash_1 exited with code 1 when I run docker compose up. I am new(ish) to Docker, but am having trouble diagnosing this issue.
Am I missing something?

This is my set up:
Docker Desktop: v3.5.1
Docker: v20.10.7, build f0df350
lightdash: latest image

Hey @accortdr

Thanks for raising this, are you able to share a screenshot (or copy-paste) of the any logs you saw before lightdash_1 exited with code 1 ?

I’m just rerunning the demo now to see if I can reproduce this

Hey @accortdr, just found the bug, the demo is configured to run for a new unreleased version of Lightdash, which isn’t yet supported. I’m going to fix this now. Will let you know when it’s up!