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Lightdash with a local postgres database

A few people have asked how to use Lightdash with a small testing database instead of a production one. Here’s some helpful info to get you started:

Copy your profiles.yml file and edit it specifically for lightdash and then point Lightdash to this new profiles file. This creates a good separation between your production dbt data, and a sandbox for you to mess around with Lightdash.

Some common changes you’ll want to make to your profiles.yml:

  • You may want to change the host and port to localhost
  • You may want to use different credentials

Using docker compose

This is a great way to spin up Lightdash and a local database at the same time. In fact, this is exactly what we do for our demo:

You can see the docker-compose.yaml file here: lightdash/docker-compose.yml at main · lightdash/lightdash · GitHub
It’s a good starting point for running your own local deployment.

We’re still working on improved documentation for testing and production deployments, I’ll post here when they’re up!

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