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Use Lightdash for NGO


I’m a volunteer for a Dutch NGO running a hospital in South America. I have developed an electronic medical record system based on Laravel and a MySQL database. We require a BI system that allows us to analyze various data eg from financial and pharamacy transactions up to patient related statistics. Data is scattered in approx 40 tables and needs to be joined via SQL in order to make sense out of it. We’d need tables and charts, as well as exports to excel for further reporting and/or pdf reports. Lightdash is of interest to us as it seems to deliver all we are looking for while being free and opensource at the same time.

I’m looking to get in touch with someone to initially guide me through a way to setup Lightdash for our organization. Preferably a teams meeting or a short call or so. Can someone PM me please?

TIA, Darius Blaszyk

Hey @Darius_Blaszyk - sounds like such an exciting application of Lightdash!

I’d be delighted to chat, I’ll drop you a message now.

Hi @owlas I sent you an invite to your email address!

Got it! Looking forward to chatting