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Using Bigquery nested tables

Is lightdash able to handle queries against bigquery nested tables?

Hey @rpwils,

Yes! We have fairly limited supported for nested structures in bigquery depending on your needs. What was your exact use case?

Metrics and dimensions

Both metrics and dimensions have the option to provide a raw sql field. So you can always extract values from STRUCTs in bigquery for example:

  - name: user_name

Viewing / exploring nested structures in the UI

The Lightdash UI renders repeated/nested structures as strings, and you’re currently unable to explore deeply nested structures from the UI. This needs work

Aggregations of repeated fields

If you have nested records using the REPEAT column, we don’t have a way to run aggregations across these.

If you have something specific in mind, I’d be happy to share more and open some GitHub issues to improve support for nested structures.