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What's one thing that you wish your BI tool could do that it doesn't do right now?

Sometimes it’s nice to imagine a place where your data lake is so perfect you just want to swim in it, your warehouse is organized so well, Mary Kondo would be proud, and your BI tool answers everyone’s data questions before they even ask them.

So, in the spirit of “happy places”, constructive complaining, and feeding our product ideation backlog at Lightdash (:heart:) :

What’s one thing that you wish your BI tool could do that it doesn’t do right now?

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…I’ll go first:

I wish my BI tool gave me relevant queries or plots when I’m trying to explore my data

Imagine, opening up a BI tool, clicking on a table you want to explore, and the empty-state (before you’ve clicked on anything) is filled with suggested queries/charts for you:

And having this similar “relevant/popular data” for a user on their homepage, when they open the app. This could be based on something like their product squad or role (what are other users in their product squad/role looking at?).

Okay, sure, so you’re able to curate your own BI tools using folders and homepages, etc. But a business and its data are dynamic, so trying to keep a perfectly curated, relevant set of dashboards/explores for everyone is just chaos (*shudders as she relives her experiences of this… *)

All of the BI tools I’ve used don’t give you context when you’re trying to explore data. This makes it really intimidating to open up and really dig into the BI tool for folks who aren’t using this all day, ever day. Also, if you’re a data person looking at solving a problem related to another product/squad, then just having the most relevant dashboards available to you immediately makes your job that much easier.

Giving someone enough context/a foundation to build from might give them the little step up they needed to get the answer they were looking for (which would be awesome!).