Lightdash Community

Why are we building a community?

Before I started thinking about how to build the Lightdash community, I did the first thing everyone does when starting a project: I Googled it.

Luckily, one of the first results to come up from Googling “How to build a community” was this blog post by Claire Carroll - a great read. The key takeaway for me was: “before you decide to spend time building a community, figure out why you want to build a community.”

So, I wanted us to get some thoughts down around our mission and beliefs as a team and figure out whether building a community would make sense for us (and you can probably guess what we decided :smirk:).

Here’s some of the things we came up with:

We want to empower our users to get the best possible answers to their data questions.

We believe that:

  • teams are more likely to find better solutions than individuals.
  • context is really important when you’re trying to solve a problem.
  • unless there’s a good reason not to, information should be openly shared.
  • business users shouldn’t have to rely on a data person to be able to answer their questions.
  • a BI tool should be easy to use and look really cool, so people are excited to use it.

Aside from getting really excited about a super rad looking product :woman_singer:, we talked quite a bit about “teams” of people and “teamwork” in our mission and beliefs. Empowering users with context, teams, and tools so that they can solve their data problems themselves is really important to us.

After writing this up, we all agreed that having a community was going be a big part of how we built this product. Having a Lightdash community aligned really well with what we’d written down and we think that it’ll empower our users to get the best possible answers to their data questions.

So here we are, on our way to building a Lightdash community.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride. :roller_coaster: